Spanish Tercio

Spanish Tercio
One morning on the Spanish Road in Flanders

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Napoleonic Prussian Corps from Calpe

About 2 years ago a mutual friend and gamer moved to Washington state, and pretty much gave up his entire gaming collection. At the time I purchased a fairly decent sized Napoleonic Prussian Corps from Tom.
The army consists of 11 infantry battalions, 3 cavalry regiments, 4 artillery batteries, skirmisher stands, and a stands for army generals and other commanders and aide-de-camps.
These figures are from a exceptional manufacturer Calpe. Top of the line miniatures. The miniatures are painted for the most part, but are not of a high standard paint scheme.
I contemplated for a while to come up with a Prussian army for my collection. I spoke to Edgar, one of our gaming friends, and tried to have him collect a Napoleonic army. Although interested, he did not wanted to start such a project due to the number of figures involved. I was able to persuade him by making him a good offer to take the Prussians and collect them for future gaming.
Attached are pictures of what the army looks like.
Have fun Edgar! I hope to see you on the Napoleonic gaming table soon. They are ready for pick-up anytime.
 11 infantry battalions, 4 artillery batteries - 3 foot, 1 heavy foot w/ howitzer, skirmishers
 3 cavalry regiments, generals, commanders, and aide-de-camps


  1. The figures are so nice, and most are painted. If Edgar cancels on this deal, let me know!

  2. And I see you're putting captions in on the photos again, great minds think alike.

  3. Calpe figures are oustanding - I have a few in my Prussian army, but really couldn'[t justify the cost for the rank and file. I will probably add a bunch of OG Landwehr and Reserve infantry, andf a number of Landwehr Cavalry regiments as part of tmy 1813 project.

  4. They have, as you say, a basic paintjob - but some army painter and subsequent highlights on belts etc would lift them a lot.

  5. Well, I can say my new collection has grown. I've added several units of infantry and three cavalry. I got a nice lead on a bunch of new Calpe Prussians stateside and the seller has everything I need on hand so far.

  6. A very nice and impresive collection, a great looking Prussian army!!