Spanish Tercio

Spanish Tercio
One morning on the Spanish Road in Flanders

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Napoleonic Prussian Corps from Calpe

About 2 years ago a mutual friend and gamer moved to Washington state, and pretty much gave up his entire gaming collection. At the time I purchased a fairly decent sized Napoleonic Prussian Corps from Tom.
The army consists of 11 infantry battalions, 3 cavalry regiments, 4 artillery batteries, skirmisher stands, and a stands for army generals and other commanders and aide-de-camps.
These figures are from a exceptional manufacturer Calpe. Top of the line miniatures. The miniatures are painted for the most part, but are not of a high standard paint scheme.
I contemplated for a while to come up with a Prussian army for my collection. I spoke to Edgar, one of our gaming friends, and tried to have him collect a Napoleonic army. Although interested, he did not wanted to start such a project due to the number of figures involved. I was able to persuade him by making him a good offer to take the Prussians and collect them for future gaming.
Attached are pictures of what the army looks like.
Have fun Edgar! I hope to see you on the Napoleonic gaming table soon. They are ready for pick-up anytime.
 11 infantry battalions, 4 artillery batteries - 3 foot, 1 heavy foot w/ howitzer, skirmishers
 3 cavalry regiments, generals, commanders, and aide-de-camps

Napoleonic Caldiero 1805 Battle @ Time Machine 8-26-12

We finally got together to play another Napoleonic game using the Shako II rules and played a scenario out of the 1805 campaign. French vs. Austrians facing off in Italy.
Greg and James led the French, whereas Jacob and myself were on the Austrian side.
The game took place in the basement of the Time Machine on Sunday, August 26th for one of our HAHGS gaming days.
I got there early to set up the table and the Austrian troops minus the Austrian right flank where the Grenadiers were located. Those troopers were on a 'land-lease' basis from Greg's vast arsenal.
Greg also contributed all the French side. Not all were purely French troops, and had t be substituted for Spanish, Saxons, etc. due to being still short in the overall supply among us low-end Nappy players.
There are 38 pictures attached. I will add some more info later. I am running out of time right now. Sorry.