Spanish Tercio

Spanish Tercio
One morning on the Spanish Road in Flanders

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Assembly Line of the Russian Plastic Miniatures

I am now well into the assembly line of putting all the plastic Russian musketeer, and Grenadier miniatures together. Initially back in December, I had ordered 10 boxes of Russian 1809 vintage Line Infantry from Warlord Miniatures, as well as 2 boxes of Pavlovsk Grenadiers.
The regular Line Infantry boxes will make musketeers as well as regular Grenadiers. The special Pavlovsk Grenadier boxes will make the same AND the special Pavlovsk battalions.
I chose to my Russian units to be of 24-man sized units with 2 command stands per battalion. That way I can break the large battalions into 2 smaller ones for larger games and still have a command stand per battalion.
Since each Warlord miniature box comes only with one set of command figures, which are metal figures and not plastic, I had to purchase additional command boxes. Those are not available from Warlord, but can be purchased from Victrix Miniatures.
From all the boxes I have for the Russian army I have put together 2 battalions of Pavlovsk Grenadiers. Keep in mind each battalion will be 24-man units, no matter whether these are grenadiers or musketeers.
4 battalions of regular Grenadiers. I added 2 battalions of grenadiers, and therefore will have to get 4 more boxes of line infantry to balance the higher number of grenadiers. I also have 4 battalions of line infantry put together and boxed up.
I still have 6 boxes of line infantry needing assembly, which I plan to have completed by the end of next weekend. Once assembled, I will send all miniatures to Fernando Enterprises to get painted up to the collector quality painting level. I already have contacted them about this project and they are ready for me and waiting for the arrival of the Russian plastic miniatures from me.
This week I will receive the metal Victrix command figures, and order the 4 additional line infantry boxes from Warlord. The entire infantry units will consist then of 6 grenadier battalions, 2 of which will be Pavlovsk grenadiers, and 18 line infantry battalions, where 6 of which will be used as Jaeger battalions.
Once all of these miniatures are sent to the painting supplier, I will go ahead and work on the Russian cavalry, artillery, and Generals.
The small cardboard boxes you see in some of the pictures are meant to box up the plastics to protect them during the shipment to Sri Lanka.


  1. So that's a total of 24 Russian Infantry units, doubled to 48 if using 12 man units, Thomas. Wow!My own Russian army at present has 30 Infantry units but only 18 figures each, so actually less than you'll have. Of course, I'm painting 4 units of Opolochenie now, and have more Grenadiers and Jagers to paint for Borodino in July.

    I like the Russian 1804-1809 uniforms best, even if my own armies are all in the 1812 ones (all there was really available back when).

    While they're working on the Russians in Sri Lanka, are you going to do some work on your excellent Austrians?

    1. Yes, Peter. The Austrians will be next for the Napoleonics and to be worked in parallel to the Russians. need to get the alliance up to par and ready for some 1805 campaign games, lol. I am not too worried of not having any French, since all of you seem to plenty. My French will come, but not before I finish the Austrians and Russians.

    2. I *do* have plenty of French, among others, LOL!