Spanish Tercio

Spanish Tercio
One morning on the Spanish Road in Flanders

Sunday, August 12, 2012

HAHGS Sunday Game - July-29-2012

After my well-deserved vacation, my friends Peter and Greg met as usual at our local gaming store the Time Machine for an ancients game between Peter's Late Roman army and Greg's Macedonians.

 Peter C. appropriately placed under the FIGHT! poster.

 Peter's Late Roman cavalry

 Peter's Late Roman Goth mercenaries
 Greg H.'s Macedonian pike horde

 Greg obviously not being impressed much by the Late Roman army.
 Bring it on!
 Greg's impressive pike battle line
 Peter's opposing battle line
 Let the game begin! Peter's light cavalry and medium cavalry passed the test and is allowed 1 full move

 The Macedonians are not afraid to face the Late Romans
 Greg's feared horseshoe attack pincer move, with which he tries to crush the Roman army today on this battle field

 Elefantos crash into the Roman cavalry...ouch
 The Goth battle line is smashing into the Macedonian pike units
 The very ground is shaking by the mere power of the two clashing units!! I felt the tremor throughout my entire body! It was fearsome, I tell you.

 The Macedonian left wing has lightened a bit
 Heavy fighting continues to the right wing and mid section
This game was to get a bit more fluid with the Black Powder rules, and we all noticed that we need to play it , not only more often, but more so important in less long time intervals to not forget so much of the rules each time, lol. It was a great game and we had a lot of fun. It was about time to get back into gaming again for me, although I was a mere spectator and photographer.


  1. Nice pics and great tongue in cheek commentary, Thomas. If we play HC with regularity, we should come up with some less obtrusive markers I think.

  2. Nice to see the ancients getting on the table, such well done units. Thomas, when do we get the 17th Century stuff out for a game?

  3. Thanks Peter. I agree on the markers. I would like to make use of actually figures as casualty counters with perhaps 1 casualty figure per casualty counter and having numbers added to it from 1 - 6 pending on the unit's sustainability. Then simply turn the counter to the appropriate count. For shaken units, use markers with shields and weapons on the ground, and perhaps for disordered units simply turn stands in a different direction and / or scatter the stands around a bit, or come up with an appropriate marker as well, which I would prefer. Perhaps a stand with 3 figures running about helter skelter.

  4. Oh, and consider disabling the captychs on your blog (the annoying hazy characters you have to type in when you comment to "prove you're not a robot"; In 20 moths of blogging with over 100 posts, hundreds of comments, and almost 80,000 hits I have *yet* to get a spam one.

    To do this, go to your Blogger Dashboard, select "Settings", then "Comments", then click the radio button "No" for "Show Word Verification for Comments". If you haven't done so already, enable e-mail notification of comments to whatever address/addresses you choose; that way you'll know about comments promptly, and in the unlikely event you get spam you can delete them (has n't happened to me yet).

  5. Good ideas on the markers, and similar to my own - abandoned shields and/or weapons, casualty figures, etc. Of course, Joe, Barry and I already have a generous supply of rocks and animals to use as markers as well; one advantage there is that they are not period specific!